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Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League


Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League


DEFINITION For the purpose of this Constitution the following expressions have the
following meanings
Expression               Meaning
Member(s)                VSMBFL registered bowls player(s)
Member Club(s)        Bowling Club(s) registered with the VSMBFL


The League shall be called the “Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League" hereinafter referred to


a) To affiliate with and to adopt and enforce the laws of the game as laid down for the
time being by the ESMBA, BSMBA and the VSMBFL League Rules

b) To promote, safeguard and foster the short mat game within the Aylesbury Vale

c) To interpret, when called upon by Member Clubs or Members thereof questions of the
law and practice and arbitrate in all differences referred to the VSMBFL between
and among Member Clubs.


Membership of the VSMBFL shall be open to Clubs capable of providing facilities and equipment meeting with the requirements of the ESMBA BSMBA and VSMBFL


VSMBFL fees and subscriptions shall be decided upon annually at the Annual Genera! Meeting
and will include fees that may be due to the ESMBA and BSMBA and shaft be paid by the 1st
October in each year.


a) Control of Finance: The committee shall have sole control of the finances of the
VSMBFL and shall be empowered to incur expenditure necessary for general
administration.  No other expenditure shall be incurred without the sanction of a
General Meeting convened for the purpose.

b) Auditors: Two Members of Member Clubs, other than Members of the Committee,
shall be appointed to audit the Annual Statement of Accounts.

c) Trustees: The Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be
Trustees of the VSMBFL


a) Constitution: All the affairs of the VSMBFL shall be arranged by a Committee
consisting of the following:-
Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and League Fixture/Competition Secretary elected to Office at the Annual General Meeting in each year
Two Delegates from and appointed annually by each Member Club.

b) Seven shall be present at Committee Meetings to form a quorum to include two

c) The committee shall be empowered to fill casual vacancies which occur in their
number during the year

d) Sub-Committees: The Committee shall be empowered to form any sub-committee
for a specific purpose. Membership need not be restricted to membership of the Committee but shall report their proceedings to the Committee.


The Officers of the VSMBFL shall be the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer
and League Fixture/Competition Secretary

a) CHAIRMAN: The Chairman shall preside at all General, Committee and other meetings so convened to conduct the business of the VSMBFL and shall have only a casting vote at meetings. The ruling of the Chairman on points of order or questions of procedure shalt be final and conclusive.  Chairman's Absence - In the event of the Chairman’s absence, any meeting convened shall be adjourned for fifteen minutes counting from the notified commencement time, whereupon in the continued absence an “Acting Chairman" shall be deputed from one of the Officers present.

b) HONORARY SECRETARY: The Honorary Secretary shall convene all meetings of
the VSMBFL (except sub-committees), shall keep a record of at business transacted
and carry out all other secretarial duties in accordance with the decision of the VSMBFL
Honorary Secretary's Absence - In the event of the absence of the Honorary Secretary, the Officers present may depute a suitable candidate from those attending the meeting, who need not be a committee Member, for the sole purpose of minuting the business transacted

c) HONORARY TREASURER: The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all subscriptions by the due date, pay all expenses sanctioned by the Committee, make and prepare the accounts to the end of the financial year, prepare the annual statement of accounts and submit them to the Auditors before the Annual General Meeting. Signatories to cheques will be any two of the following Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary.

d) LEAGUE FIXTURE/COMPETITION SECRETARY: The League Fixture/Competition Secretary shall receive all competition entries, arrange a League Fixture List, receive all match results, publish a monthly League Table and supervise all competition draws and ensure that all competitions are conducted within the rule of the ESMBA, BSMBA and VSMBFL.


a) The Annual General Meeting of the VSMBFL shall be held before the end of September in each year. The notice and agenda together with a copy of the Audited Statement of Accounts shall be sent to each Member Club at least ten days before the Annual General Meeting. Notices of motion and any other competent business shalt be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in writing at least twenty one days before the Annual General Meeting

b) The following business shall be transacted
To receive a report from each Officer.
Election of Officers and appoint Auditors
Subscriptions and fees.
Notices of motion
Any other Competent Business.

c) Every item on the agenda, but no business other than that mentioned in the agenda shall be submitted to the meeting for discussion and no other item on the agenda shall be taken out of order in which it is placed, except by mandate of the meeting.

d) Members of Member Clubs of the VSMBFL may attend take part in business discussions and shall have voting rights at General Meetings.

e)Appointed Delegates and Club Contacts attending the Annual General Meeting shall sign a register provided for the purpose prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting.

f) EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING: The committee may on their own authority or on the requisition of two thirds of Member Clubs convene and Extraordinary General Meeting of the VSMBFL of which not less than fourteen days written notice shall be given to Member Clubs. Such notice shall be given to Member Clubs. Such notice shall state the time place and substance of the proposed meeting and no other business other than that mentioned in the notice shall be discussed.


a) Al| speakers shall address the Chair and give their name and Club

b) The proposer of a motion or amendment shall have the right of reply at the end of discussion.


Member Clubs and those seeking membership o the VSMBFL shall register with the Honorary Secretary one month before the Annual General Meeting in each year.


Each Club shall forward to the VSMBFL Honorary Secretary the name and address of its Secretary and List of Officials prior to the Annual General Meeting in each year.


Any Member Club who in the opinion of the committee infringes the Rules and Constitution or, by any such other conduct likely to discredit or injure the VSMBFL shall be liable to expulsion on the decision of a Special Genera! Meeting called to discuss the matter.


Alteration of, addition to or deletion from to all or any of the foregoing Constitution and Rules shall be made only at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting specifically convened for the purpose. Two Calendar Months written notice of the proposed alteration, or addition as applicable shall be given to the Honorary Secretary.


A copy of the VSMBFL Constitution and VSMBFL League Rules in force shall be displayed in each Club and all Members shall be bound thereby.