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Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League

AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM held at Haddenham Wednesday 8th May 2019 Time 8:00 pm

Members attending

Marsh Gibbon: John Thompson, Linda Thompson, David Wright, David Woods

Wendover Dark Greens: Ian MacMillan, Christine MacMillan, Ann Smith, Eric Smith

Wendover Light Greens: Doris Brooks, Brenda Harrison

Beacon: Linda Coker, Peter Coker

Chinnor: Ann Hine, Chris Millard

Haddenham Blue: June Swash, David Gander, Brenda Gander, Ian Forbes

Haddenham C: Sue Leaver, Ken Leaver, Bill Heritage, Jean LePelley, Mike LePelley  

Westcott: Trevina Smith, Mike Smith, Bessie Rice, David Rice,

Wing: John Downes

Winslow: Mary Arnold, Peter Arnold, Sheila Ward, Len Ward, Lucy Cumerford. John Turner, John Middleton, Colin Beckett, Jill Mead, David Orange

Committee: Malcolm Richards, Bob Hine



The Chairman welcomed those present. He thanked Haddenham and Sue Leaver for hosting the evening.

 1 Apologies

Dave Barber, Mervyn Wilson

 2. Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 2nd May 2018 at 7.55pm

The minutes were presented as a true and accurate record.

Proposer: Linda Coker

Seconder: June Swash

Approved by unanimous vote.

The minutes were duly signed.

 3. Matters Arising


 4.  Correspondence


 5. Chairman’s Report

This year has once again run successfully.

The two mat league lead was in contention between Haddenham Blues and Chinnor until the end of the season, when the eventual winner increased their lead. The runners up were Haddenham Blue, but congratulations to Chinnor on winning the league.

The clear winners in the John Robinson Memorial Shield divisions were Beacon and Chinnor. They played the final at Wing in one of the closest finals we have had. Beacon were leading after the singles and pairs by  7 shots but Chinnor fought back in the triples. The final end of the game could have gone either way but Chinnor dropped only 2 shots to win overall by 45-44. So commiserations to Beacon and congratulations to Chinnor, and on completing the double. Thanks once again to Wing for hosting the evening.

Presentations of both these trophies was made at Haddenham when 10 clubs came together for an end of season bowling and sociable evening. Another successful evening with 60 people joining in. Thanks to Haddenham for arranging this once again.

It is a shame to see some clubs having difficulty with raising full teams, and this year we are sorry to hear Hawkslade will still no longer be able to participate in the league or the JR. They will be playing in the single mat leagues, but we hope to see them back here in the future. So just 11 clubs in the league again next season.

Our thanks go to Bob Hine for his work as Treasurer.

Neither the league nor the JR Cup would be possible without the support of all of your clubs, and the efforts you put in to encouraging your players to join in. So thank you all for your support.

But none of us would know who to play and when without the efforts of the Fixtures Secretary. Putting over 300 fixtures together, dealing with rearrangements and clashes, and giving us the latest results every week is a daunting task,. Dave Barber has done a superb job again, so all our thanks to him. Thanks also to him for putting an excellent website together and keeping it up to date, and all of us informed about results.

 6. Secretary’s Report


I will contact outdoor clubs in the summer to remind them of short mat in the winter season. We’d like them to inform their members in the hope some may take it up.

Venue Rules

There was one complaint made during the season that was resolved informally. It centred around players drinking and smoking at venues where this is prohibited – either by the club itself or by the hiring rules, as for example with a school. I wrote to all clubs suggesting that where there are restrictions  in force at the venue the home captain states these when they introduce the evening’s game.


As you can see the Secretary’s role is quite easy! However, we would like someone to take it on mainly to add another face to the committee; there are only 3 of us at the moment. Please form an orderly queue.

 7. Match/Fixture Secretary’s Report  

From my view point, the last year has been a great success. The fixtures all went well with just a few matches needing the captains to agree a new date.


I was able to get the results out quickly each week because most of the clubs return the score sheets to me electronically with just two captains relying on snail mail. If those two could just email a photo of the sheet to me, it would be great.


I would propose the selection of the clubs for the fixtures this coming season should be by random number generation as was the case this last season. The only manipulation I then need to do is to ensure that the two Wendover’s and two Haddenham’s don’t have home matches on the same night. The JR will be two groups again and, I suggest, the selection should be by random number.


You should be aware that Wendover DG will change the home game day from Wednesday to Thursday at the beginning of December.


My requests to the captains for club news and photos of matches to update the website fell on deaf ears. It would be nice to have some new input from the clubs now and again to keep the website up to date and of interest.

 8.Treasurer’s Report

Bob Hine presented the accounts, with very little activity in them. He proposed that once again no annual fee would be due from member clubs.

The accounts were presented for acceptance.

Proposer: Peter Coker

Seconder: Ian Forbes

Vote: Unanimous

 9. Fees for coming year


 10. Election of officers:

There had been no new nominations submitted and no one stood from the floor (even to be secretary!).

All the existing committee members were prepared to continue. It was proposed that they all be re-elected en bloc.

Proposer: Ian Forbes

Seconder: David Gander

Vote: Unanimous

The following will therefore form the committee for 2019-20

Chairman:    Malcolm Richards

Match/Fixtures Secretary:  Dave Barber

Treasurer:    Bob Hine

Secretary:    Malcolm Richards


 11. AGM business

Five proposals were submitted by David Gander for consideration at the AGM. These were attached to the agenda. David was asked to introduce his proposals. Before the discussion and voting ensued the Chairman pointed out some consequences of the proposals if they were introduced, for clarity. Namely that where currently teams play between 24 and 25 competitive games (league and JR) in a season the proposals would reduce these to between 16 and 20, depending upon which division/group the team was in, so a loss of between 4 and 9 games.

Note – although the Constitution only allows one vote per Member present at the AGM in the past a particular item did permit proxy voting (to be investigated). Eric Smith said in view of this he had collected proxy votes from Wendover and wished these to be considered, Under the circumstances this was agreed, but it should be made clear that in the event they did not influence the outcome.

The proposals were discussed in the following order:

 “2: Leagues split into 2 leagues – one of 5 , one of 6, with promotion and relegation.”

The general feeling was that this would mean not meeting half the other clubs in the league; it was better to play against all teams, including the better ones, helping improve play; it was a friendly league so the social aspect was important.

Vote: In favour of the proposal – 9, against 43. Proposal defeated.

 “3. John Robinson Memorial Shield to be played home and away”

The consequence of this would be to reduce the number of league games. Views were that the JR was liked as a shortish interlude, but would not want it to be longer and not at the expense of league games. This proposal has to be considered with proposal 2 because of the limited number of games that can be played in a season. It would lead to fewer games than currently and would spoil the game, players might lose interest through lack of playing opportunities.

Vote: in favour of the proposal – 1, against unanimous (bar one). Proposal defeated.

 “1. All league and JR matches to be straight in instead of 1 shot on the first two ends”.

Views were this gave the home team an advantage, particularly those with tricky mats / floors; even the home team need an opportunity to settle down as they might have rushed to the venue or not played for a while; it is a friendly league.

Vote: in favour of the proposal – 7, against 58. Proposal defeated.

 “4. JR format to be changed to selected teams” i.e. being selected by the club, not drawn as now.

The feeling was this changed the whole basis of the JR,

Vote: in favour of the proposal 1, against unanimous (bar one). Proposal defeated.

 “5. JR Final venue to be changed each year….”

Several views were expressed in favour of retaining it at Wing. It was pointed out that spectator viewing was not the best and some other venues would offer more space. It was confirmed with John Downes that Wing would be happy to continue providing the venue and hosting the evening if required.

Vote: in favour of the proposal 7, against 41. Proposal defeated.

 12. Any Other Business

Voting rights were raised in a proposal from Marsh Gibbon (through John Thompson):

“I would like to propose that the voting for all new proposals be a one vote per club instead of one vote per member.

The club has a meeting to decide on the proposals and that vote should be taken forward to the AGM.

The reasoning for this is that if a club had a proposal and they had a lot of members, and all their members turned up for the meeting they could out-vote the rest of the clubs which means they could almost vote for anything and carry it through.

I suggest that the proposal I have put forward would make it a lot fairer”.

The VSMBFL Constitution currently says about voting:

“8d) Members of Member Clubs of the VSMBFL may attend take part in business discussions and shall have voting rights at General Meetings.”

It was agreed that we would hold an Extraordinary General Meeting immediately prior to the AGM in 2020 to decide whether we should retain the present voting rights, or change the Constitution to give one vote to each club (by which is meant registered team).

It was also agreed that the Secretary would send a notice of the EGM to all member teams within the next two weeks. This would allow them to discuss the issue at their own AGMs (or as they choose).

 13. Date of Next AGM: -

Wednesday April 29th 2020 at approximately 8:00pm (following the BSMBA AGM and the VSMBFL EGM) at Wendover Bowls Club.

 14. Close of AGM

The meeting closed at 9:20pm and the Chairman thanked all for attending and wished everyone a good summer.


Extraordinary General Meeting

To be held at

Wendover Bowls Club, Dobbins Lane, Wendover HP22 6BU


Wednesday April 29th 2020 at 7:45pm

Proposal to be discussed and resolved by vote (one vote for each individual member attending):

That the Constitution be changed from the following regarding voting rights



d) Members of Member Clubs of the VSMBFL may attend take part in business discussions and shall have voting rights at General Meetings.”

To the following:



d) Registered Members of Member Clubs of the VSMBFL may attend and take part in business discussions. Each Member Club (by which is meant registered team) shall have voting rights at General Meetings, one vote per Club.“   


Malcolm Richards

Secretary VSMBFL

9th May 2019