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AGM Minutes

Exercise Made EasyAGM Minutes

Minutes of AGM held at Winslow Wednesday 2nd May 2018 Time 7.55pm

Members attending

Marsh Gibbon: John Thompson

Wendover Dark Greens: Ian MacMillan

Beacon: Linda Coker, Peter Coker

Chinnor: Barry Somers

Haddenham Blue: June Swash, Ray Swash, David Gander, Brenda Gander

Haddenham C: Sue Leaver, Ken Leaver

Westcott: Trevina Smith, Mike Smith

Wing: John Downes

Winslow: Mary Arnold, Peter Arnold, Victor Griffiths, Sheila Ward, Len Ward, Brenda Goss

Committee: Malcolm Richards, Bob Hine, Dave Barber


The Chairman welcomed those present. He thanked Winslow for hosting the evening.

1 Apologies

Bill Heritage, Hilary Richards, Sue Neale, Mervyn Wilson

2. Minutes of meeting held Wednesday 3rd May 2017 at 7.55pm The minutes were presented as a true and accurate record. Proposer: Len Ward

Seconder: David Gander Approved by unanimous vote.

3. Matters Arising

The only matter arising was to determine the format of the John Robinson Memorial Cup for the season 2018-19.

Due to the withdrawal of Hawkslade from the two mat league there are only 11 remaining teams, therefore the 3 divisions format trialled this last season is not workable. It was resolved by unanimous vote to return to two divisions, one of 6 teams and one of 5. It will only be possible for each team to play one game against each opponent due to lack of time in the fixture calendar.

It was unanimously agreed that teams allocated to each division will be drawn at random even if this means two teams from the same club being in the same division.

It was also agreed unanimously that teams would play either 2 or 3 games home or away, drawn at random, in the 6 teams division and 2 games at home and 2 away in the 5 teams division.

4. Correspondence

Two items received - protecting vulnerable people and the ESMBA coaching scheme - will be dealt with in the Secretary’s report.

Dave Barber has proposed that any player can oversee the draw for the players at JR Cup matches. This was agreed with no dissent.

5. Chairman’s Report

This year has once again run successfully. The main issue to consider and resolve has been the future format for the John Robinson Memorial Cup.

The two mat league lead was in contention until the final part of the season, when the eventual winner pulled clear. The runners up were Beacon, but congratulations to Chinnor on winning the league.

The division winners in the John Robinson Memorial Cup were Westcott, Hawkslade and Chinnor. Hawkslade and Chinnor had the most shots and played the final at Wing last Monday with Chinnor emerging victorious. So, commiserations to Hawkslade and congratulations to Chinnor. Thanks once again to Wing for hosting the evening.

The presentation of both these trophies was made at Haddenham last night (1st May), when 11 clubs came together for an end of season bowling and sociable evening. Thanks to Haddenham for arranging this once again.

It is a shame to see some clubs having difficulty with raising full teams, and this year we are sorry to hear Hawkslade will no longer be able to participate in the league or the JR. No doubt we’ll meet some of them in other guises but I’m pleased to report they will be playing in the single mat leagues, so good luck to them.

Our thanks go to Bob Hine for his work as Treasurer.

Neither the league nor the JR Cup would be possible without the support of all of your clubs, and the efforts you put in to encouraging your players to join in. So, thank you all for your support. But none of us would know who to play and when without the efforts of the Fixture Secretary. Putting over 300 fixtures together, dealing with rearrangements and clashes, and giving us the latest results, every week is a daunting task, particularly when taking it on for the first time; David Gander was a hard act to follow. Dave Barber bravely took this on and has done a superb job, so all our thanks to him. Long may he continue.

6. Secretary’s Report

June Swash of Haddenham asked about protecting vulnerable bowlers including children. We circulated the Bowls Development Alliance information and documentation on this to all Club contacts for them to decide their actions within their own club. A link to this information can be found on the ESMBA website.

We have a Child Safeguarding Officer within the County – David Gander.

Trevina Smith (Westcott) complained about the treatment of one of their youngest players on a visit to another club and asked that such players should be encouraged. It was explained that this matter had been resolved and that it was the Vale League, and County, policy to ensure all member clubs encouraged people of all ages, abilities and disabilities to play short mat bowls, to make all welcome, and to be helpful whenever help was needed.

Sue Leaver asked which club was responsible for a vulnerable person. It was stated that it was the club to which the player belonged to ensure they were properly looked after.

The ESMBA have a scheme to certify coaches to level 1 arranged through Coach Bowls. Details were circulated to all Club contacts to see if any members were interested. Details can be found on the ESMBA website. If anyone is interested they can contact anyone on this or the county committee.

One person had thought to join but thought it was for personal coaching whereas the scheme is to teach people how to coach.

At present there is no qualified short mat bowls coach in Buckinghamshire.

7. Match Secretary’s Report

Dave Barber said he had developed the existing spreadsheet to make planning fixtures and recording results much easier.

Now results are sent to him electronically (email) he can issue an up-to-date situation sheet more quickly, hopefully each Friday subject to clubs sending results in on time.

Len Ward pointed to the rule 13 on the results sheet reminding clubs that all players must use their club’s stickers on all bowls, otherwise bowls would be removed from play. Misunderstandings in the past when measuring have been caused by lack of appropriate stickers. Dave Barber undertook to notify all clubs that this rule will be enforced.

8.Treasurer’s Report

Bob Hine presented the accounts, with very little activity in them. He proposed that once again no annual fee would be due from member clubs.

The accounts were presented for acceptance.

Proposer: Peter Coker

Seconder: Trevina Smith

Vote: Unanimous

9. Fees for coming year None

10. Election of officers:

There had been no new nominations submitted and no one stood from the floor (even to be secretary!). All the existing committee members were prepared to continue. It was proposed that they all be re-elected en bloc.

Proposer: David Gander

Seconder: Mary Arnold

Vote: Unanimous

The following will therefore form the committee for 2018-19

Chairman: Malcolm Richards

Match/Fixtures Secretary: Dave Barber

Treasurer: Bob Hine

Secretary: Malcolm Richards

11. Any Other Business

It had been stated in the “Nominations for Committee 2018-19” form sent to all clubs that two delegates from each club are entitled to attend any committee meeting. Sue Leaver asked if when the agenda had been received they could nominate two appropriate people for that particular meeting, rather than have two nominated for the whole year. This was agreed.

12. Date of Next AGM: -

Wednesday May 8th 2019 7:45pm at Haddenham Village Hall

The meeting closed at 8:30 and the Chairman thanked all for attending and wished everyone a good summer.