Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League
AGM Tuesday 17 th May 2022 Chairman Secretary Treasurer Match Secretary Malcolm Richards Malcolm Richards Bob Hine Dave Barber Minutes of AGM held at Winslow Bowls Club 7:30pm Tuesday 17 th May 2022 Members attending Beacon: Linda Coker, Peter Coker, Jenny Stallard Chinnor: Ann Hine Marsh Gibbon: John Thompson, Linda Thompson Stewkley: Sue Neale, Sandy Flewin Thame: Ian Rutherford Wendover DG Ian MacMillan, Pauline Hobson, Malcolm Hobson Wendover LG Ann Smith, Eric Smith, , George Hunt, Westcott: Trevina Smith, Mike Smith, Bessie Rice, David Rice, Winslow: Mary Arnold, Len Ward, Sheila Ward, Jill Mead, Victor Griffith Committee: Malcolm Richards, Bob Hine Welcome The Chairman welcomed those present. Good to see so many attending. He thanked Winslow Bowls Club for hosting the evening. 1 Apologies Dave Barber, John Brooks, Tony Short 3. Minutes of last AGM held at Wendover 31 st August 2021 The minutes were presented as a true and accurate record. Approved by unanimous vote. The minutes were duly signed. 4. Matters Arising The New BSMBA contacted all known clubs that may play short mat but have never registered. None wished to join. Bob Hine had explored insurance options and arranged an umbrella policy covering public liability, equipment and personal accident that was taken up by 13 clubs. Uncertainty about covering new for old equipment and over 80s being clarified. Zurich insurance can possibly offer a competitive policy for individual clubs and will be looked at next year. Bob Hine was thanked for all his work. 5. Correspondence None. 6. Chairman’s Report Hopefully some sort of normality has returned but we still see some clubs depleted in numbers. It was good to see the league underway, albeit with just 8 teams competing but we all felt it was too soon to resurrect the John Robinson. Congratulations to Chinnor on a convincing league win. You will see from the business that we are asking how you would like the league run next season an whether to play in the John Robinson. On both cases we have offered options for debate of playing with reduced team squads to help more clubs to play. We had an extremely well attended and successful Presentation Evening, hosted by Chinnor in Haddenham Village Hall. Thanks to Chinnor for arranging it this year, and to Haddenham for setting up the venue and providing a great buffet. We played the usual 4 games of 3 ends, had a big raffle, and Dave Barber presented the trophy. Over 40 players joined in and only Stewkley were missing through a outbreak Covid. All our clubs have joined the reconstituted BSMBA and most have benefited from the umbrella insurance arranged by them. Thanks to Bob Hine for his hard work in organising this. While mentioning the BSMBA they are scratching out heads to understand why they cannot get more people joining in the monthly events. New people who have come along have thoroughly enjoyed them. They will keep trying. My thanks, on your behalf, to Bob Hine for looking after the leagues finances. The league would not be the success it is without the hard work that Dave Berber puts in in putting the fixtures together and in publishing the results almost before the games have finished. He also keeps out website looking good and up to date, so thanks Dave. 7. Secretary’s Report There have been no committee meetings during the year. I have nothing to report other than hoping the AGM documents do get passed on to as many members as possible. It would be nice if someone offered to become the Secretary. As you can see the workload is light and an extra voice on the committee would be appreciated. 8. Match/Fixture Secretary’s Report From my view point, the last year has been difficult at times, but successful with only one match not played (conceded). The actual fixtures worked out well with just a few matches needing the captains to agree a new date. I was able to get the results out quickly each week because all of the clubs now return the score sheets to me electronically. Thank you team captains. Again this year, I will make the selection of the clubs for the VSMBFL fixtures by random number generation as was the case for the last two seasons. The only manipulation I then need to do is to ensure that the two Wendover’s don’t have home matches on the same night. For JR fixtures there will be two groups with the teams selected by random number and aim to start the matches after the Christmas break. With Wing no longer playing, the final match can be hosted at either finalist. My requests to the captains for club news and photos of matches to update the website continue to fall on deaf ears. It would be nice to have some input from the clubs now and again to keep the website up to date and of interest. If anyone has anything they would like to see changed or added to the website, please send me an email ( 9.Treasurer’s Report There has been very little change to the account. The consolidated accounts for the period April 2019 to May 2022 were presented. The balance at 16 th May 2022 was £680.79. Expenses were the maintenance of the website and monthly charges to HSBC for operating the account. Marsh Gibbon pointed out they had changed from HSBC to NatWest very easily. The accounts were presented for acceptance. Proposer: Peter Coker Seconder: John Thompson Vote – Unanimous on favour 10. Fees for coming year In view of bank charges it was proposed to levy an annual fee of £5 per team. Proposer: Trevina Smith Seconder: Mary Arnold Vote – Unanimous in favour 11. Election of officers: There had been no new nominations submitted. All the existing committee members were prepared to continue. It was proposed that they all be re-elected en bloc. Vote: Unanimous The following will therefore form the committee for 2022-23 Chairman: Malcolm Richards Match/Fixtures Secretary: Dave Barber Treasurer: Bob Hine Secretary: Malcolm Richards 12. AGM business Resolution 1: Match Rules: Chairman’s proposal: 5D Special rules for 2021-22 Season only This rule to be extended to the 2022-23 season. Rationale: This rule (temporarily) dealt with teams that were short of the squad of 10-12 by allowing as few as 8 to play a full game. As many clubs may still be reduced in numbers and as we want as many teams as possible to play in the league it is proposed that we extend the special rules and review at the next AGM. Seconder: Peter Coker Vote – unanimous if favour Resolution 2: John Robinson Memorial Cup Competition Chairman’s proposal: It is proposed that we reinstate this competition in the 2022-23 season. Rationale: Now the pandemic seems under control we should return to our normal programme. Seconder: George Hunt Vote – unanimous in favour Resolution 3: 5B John Robinson Competition rule(c) Eric Smith Wendover BC proposal: Change rule to read: If only 10/11 players: draw as Normal Singles, Pairs, Triple. Pairs lead(s) play lead(s) in triples i.e player drawn 3 also plays 10, player drawn 5 also plays 7. Rationale: The singles players are selected from a group of potentially better bowlers whereas the pairs are not. Modifier added – Captains to have the discretion to change if player(s) cannot play twice Seconder: Ian Macmillan Vote – 7 for 1 against Carried Resolution 4: John Robinson Competition Special Rule for 2022-23 season Chairmans’s proposal: Add special rule 5B(f) Option 1 if resolution 3 is not accepted: For 2022-23 season only a team of down to 8 players can play a full game. In addition to the provisions of rule 5B(c) leads in the Pairs play twos in the triples – i.e. player drawn 3 also plays 11 and player drawn 5 also plays 8. Withdrawn in view of resolution 3 result. Option 2 if resolution 3 is accepted: For 2022-23 season only a team of down to 8 players can play a full game. In addition to the provisions of the revised rule 5B(c) skips in the Pairs play twos in the triples – i.e. player drawn 4 also plays 11 and player drawn 6 also plays 8. Rationale: To enable as many clubs as possible to be able to join the John Robinson Competition where membership may be depleted. Modifier added – Captains to have the discretion to change if player(s) cannot play twice Seconder: Trevina Smith Vote – unanimous in favour Resolution 5: change to rule 5A(j) Bob Hine Chinnor SMBC proposal: This rule currently states: “The team with the highest number of shots after the completion of the games will be declared the Winner of the Match. Should the scores be tied the match points will be shared equally. The game points will stand as previously awarded”. Change to “The team with the highest number of points after the completion of the games will be declared the winner of the match. If the points are equal the games will be declared a draw”. Rationale: Matches are decided on points, not shots. The team with the highest total shots already scores 2 points, or 1 point each if shots are equal. Note: the only time the “winner” matters is at the end of the season when deciding the overall league winner. This is decided on total points accumulated. If these are equal then the highest shot difference is used. If they are also equal then the team with the most “wins” wins. Seconder: Linda Coker Vote – unanimous in favour Resolution 6: change to rule 5A(f) Eric Smith Wendover BC proposal The existing rule first sentence reads “League Matches not played: 7 points to 3 points + 40 shots against defaulting team (last resort as there is a full season to fit in).” Change to: “League Matches not played: 10 points and 40 shots against the defaulting team (last resort as there is a full season to fit in rearranged games). Discussion about the rule being misused, why should a team not agreeing a fixture not be penalised in fill, effect on other teams on the league. Teams have the whole season to agree a date, even if their venue is not available a neutral one can be used. Seconder: Jenny Stallard Vote – For 4 Against 4 The chairman ruled that a tied vote should leave the existing rule unchanged. Resolution not passed. 13. Any Other Business a) Dave Rice announced that Westcott SMBC has now been renamed Bierton Short Mat Bowls Club. b) Trevina Smith suggested now the pandemic is over all teams should provide refreshments. It was agreed to leave this up to individual clubs. c) Ian MacMillan hoped that Wendover DG could play as many of their home games as possible on Wednesday afternoons. Some teams pointed out this would exclude working players. Ian Rutherford said Thame could raise more players for afternoon games. While evening games were the default, in view of people worrying about driving at night, being out late, it was agreed this would be negotiated with individual visiting teams. d) Thame wished to join the league and JR this season and were welcomed. e) Long Crendon were said to have short mat interest now their club house is suitable. They will be approached. f) Hawkslade have more members but not enough for a team. Haddenham are struggling for players. It was suggested they might combine. Ian Forbes will be approached. 14. Date of Next AGM: - Tuesday May 16 th 2023 at 7:30pm. Venue to be agreed; Stewkley were possible hosts and Sue Neale will check the hall availability. 15. Close of AGM The chairman thanked everyone for attending and their contributions and looked forward to an enjoyable season’s bowling. The meeting closed at 9:00 pm.